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Results for Auction Ending 2/7/2019
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 RowStock No.YearMakeModel
IN GARAGE 2007MaseratiQuattroporte
A- 20 2004Toyota4runner 4x4
A- 22 2004DodgeDakota 4x4 P/U
A- 23 2015NissanFrontier 4x4 P/U
A- 24 2017ToyotaTacoma 4x2 P/U
A- 25 2016NissanTitan 4x4 P/U
A- 28 2014ChevroletSilverado 4x4 P/U
A- 29 2005FordExplorer Spt 4x4
A- 30 2014Ram1500 4x4 P/U
A- 44 2005ChevroletG20 Van
A- 47 2012HondaRidgeline Awd
A- 54 2009LexusRx 350 Awd
A- 57 2011ChevroletG2500 Van
A- 70 2017GmcSierra 4x4 P/U
C- 1 2012FordFiesta
C- 2 2005NissanSentra
C- 3 2016HondaCivic
C- 4 2009SubaruOutback Awd
C- 5 2011HondaCivic
C- 6 2006SubaruImpreza Awd
C- 7 2010ToyotaCorolla
C- 8 2011NissanMaxima
C- 9 2008VolkswagenEos
C- 10 2007ToyotaRav4 4x4
C- 11 2006SubaruImpreza Awd
C- 12 2011AudiA4 Awd
C- 13 2016ScionIa
C- 14 2011VolkswagenJetta
C- 15 2011HyundaiGenesis Coupe
C- 16 2015NissanAltima
C- 17 2016ToyotaCamry
C- 18 2007NissanSentra
C- 19 2010AcuraTl
C- 20 2012ChevroletMalibu
C- 21 2014HondaCr-v Awd
C- 22 2017ToyotaCamry
C- 23 2010ToyotaRav4 4x4
C- 24 2006VolvoS60
C- 25 2012ChevroletEquinox 4x2
C- 26 2012ToyotaHighlander 4x4
C- 27 2013VolvoS60 Awd
C- 28 1999BuickCentury
C- 29 2008HondaCr-v 4x4
C- 30 2013LexusCt 200h
C- 31 2012HondaCr-v 4x4
C- 32 2014NissanRogue Awd
C- 33 2017CadillacXts Awd
C- 34 2012JeepLiberty 4x4
C- 35 2010InfinitiG37x Awd
C- 36 2012KiaOptima
C- 37 2006JeepGr Cherokee 4x4
C- 38 2010HondaCr-v 4x4
C- 39 2014HyundaiSanta Fe Awd
C- 40 2018JaguarF-pace Awd
C- 41 2006ToyotaSienna
C- 42 2001ChevroletS10 4x2 P/U
C- 43 2006MercedesR Class Awd
C- 44 2016JeepWrangler 4x4 Unltd
C- 45 2016FordExplorer 4x4
C- 46 2018JeepGr Cherokee 4x4
C- 47 2008ToyotaSienna Awd
C- 48 2018Toyota4runner 4x4
C- 49 2004LincolnAviator Awd
C- 50 2012HondaPilot Awd
C- 51 2016JaguarXj Awd
C- 52 2018ToyotaRav4 Awd
C- 53 2011BmwX3 Awd
C- 54 2014HondaPilot Awd
C- 55 2016JeepCompass 4x4
C- 56 2016ToyotaCamry
C- 57 2017ToyotaRav4 Awd
C- 58 2016ToyotaHighlander 4x4
C- 59 2015JeepCherokee Awd
C- 60 2017LexusRx 350 Awd
C- 61 2015HyundaiSonata
C- 62 2011NissanMurano Awd
C- 63 2013AudiA5 Awd
C- 64 2009FordEdge Awd
C- 65 2017SubaruLegacy Awd
C- 66 2016FordC-max Energi
C- 67 2016JeepCompass 4x4
C- 68 2018MiniCooper Ctry Awd
C- 69 2011KiaSoul
C- 70 2012FordFiesta
C- 71 2010HondaCivic
C- 72 2013HyundaiElantra Gls
C- 73 2016VolkswagenTiguan Awd
C- 74 2015MercedesC300 Awd
C- 75 2009NissanAltima
C- 76 2017HyundaiSanta Fe Awd
C- 77 2009SubaruForester Awd
C- 78 2011HyundaiSonata Hybrid
C- 79 2016HyundaiAccent
C- 80 2015ScionXb
C- 81 2011NissanRogue Awd
C- 82 2013HyundaiGenesis Coupe
C- 83 2009NissanAltima
C- 84 2015ToyotaRav4 4x4
C- 85 2018HondaHr-v Awd
C- 86 2015ToyotaCorolla
C- 87 2009HyundaiSonata
C- 88 2007ChevroletImpala
C- 89 2010CadillacSrx Awd
C- 90 2012ToyotaCamry
C- 91 2018ToyotaCamry
C- 92 2010ChryslerTown & Country
C- 93 2011LincolnMkz Awd
C- 94 2010DodgeAvenger
C- 95 2014ChevroletEquinox 4x2
C- 96 2013MercedesC300 Awd
C- 97 2007ToyotaAvalon
C- 98 2014Bmw435ix Awd
C- 99 2008MercuryMariner Awd
C-100 2013FordFocus
C-101 2011NissanRogue Awd
C-102 2014AcuraTl
C-103 2010ToyotaCorolla
C-104 2012KiaOptima Lx
C-105 2011CadillacCts Awd
C-106 2011VolkswagenJetta
C-107 2006Bmw325xi Awd
C-108 2013HyundaiElantra Coupe
C-109 2005InfinitiG35 Awd
C-110 2006ToyotaCorolla
C-111 2013HondaCr-v Awd
C-112 2010FordFusion
C-113 2003JeepLiberty 4x4
C-114 2011VolkswagenJetta
C-115 2013HondaAccord
C-116 2014MercedesE350 Awd
C-117 2003FordTaurus
C-118 2012NissanRogue Awd
C-119 2014SubaruForester Awd
C-120 2012InfinitiG37x Awd
C-121 2017NissanRogue Awd
C-122 2018ChevroletEquinox Awd
C-123 2007AudiA6 Awd
C-124 2008JeepWrangler Unltd 4x4
C-125 2014DodgeAvenger Se
C-126 2004KiaAmanti
C-127 2007InfinitiFx35 Awd
C-128 2018Bmw530i Awd
C-129 2003SubaruOutback Awd
C-130 2007MazdaMazda6
C-131 2008JeepLiberty 4x4
C-132 2005VolkswagenPassat
C-133 2014HondaAccord
C-134 2013KiaOptima Ex
C-135 2012HondaCivic
C-136 2010HondaFit
C-137 2003ToyotaCamry
C-138 2017HondaAccord
C-139 2018KiaOptima
C-140 2008NissanAltima
C-141 2013ToyotaCorolla
C-142 2017NissanSentra
C-143 2006ToyotaCorolla
C-144 2007ToyotaPrius